The Text’s Theoretic Arguments and Concepts

The Kinship betwixt the Text’s Line and Concepts

Review of the Text’s Arguments

Compact of the Textbook Arguments and Grandness

Summational Valuation of the Schoolbook



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Therein textbook, the generator, Barbara Groom, examines the leaders traits of women who get haunted leading roles and the challenges they expression in their control to leaders positions. Done a dynamical overture, the leger analyses the sociological, philosophic and psychological factors that specify women leadership and the aspects of efficacious leading.

This theme explores distaff leaders traits and ethnic and societal contexts that upgrade women’s ascendency to superpower by reviewing, critiquing and evaluating the key concepts in Curry’s schoolbook and otc lit on women’s leaders.

The Text’s Theoretic Arguments and Concepts

Done a abbreviated history of the journeys of octad women leadership, Dress (2000) beginning analyses the theories of leading and direction including leading fashion, trait, squad, contingence, and situational. She so examines the environmental factors that further leaders ontogenesis. This forms the theoretic model for her argumentation that uprise to leading positions is a personal travel, not a modification outgrowth as described by earliest theories.

Groom (2000) notes that personal beliefs, commitments, and values vary during personal journeys from puerility to maturity; retiring personal experiences specify the introduce leader’s role (Regan, &Brooks, 1995). Groom (2000) supports this contention by share-out the developmental journeys of octad distaff leadership, who were administrators of universities, colleges and administration offices.

The Kinship betwixt the Text’s Argumentation and Concepts

Therein schoolbook, the writer charts a new trend for distaff leading by demonstrating the relationships betwixt her chief arguing and key leading concepts. She criticizes traditional conceptions and theories of examining leading as a production of trait, manner and teams and provides a new view; leaders growing as an adaptative outgrowth close related personal exploitation from puerility to maturity and ontogeny.

By providing selected achiever stories of women in leading, Groom (2000) likewise links leader image in women leadership with philosophic and sociological perspectives of these leadership. She dismisses mythological conceptions circumferent women’s leading and portrays leading as an interdisciplinary and holistic conception set by behaviour and aroused news (Fletcher, 2001).

From the stories of the octonary women, Groom (2000) identifies surpassing themes and connects them to the leader image. She shows that personal experiences enable apiece somebody to acquire his or her leading image and surrogate reliable leaders.


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Review of the Text’s Arguments

In the textbook, the author’s dynamical coming serves to bridgework the gap ‘tween hypothesis and proactive interference to further women’s leading growing. She demonstrates that done an enabling environs that fosters leading part, women can easy uprise to leaders roles. Therein gaze, in the digital age, more women can acquire leading roles in the flow concern structures if responsibilities and calling opportunities are pliant and comely (Helgesen, 1995).

By draftsmanship from the octet women’s leaders’ personal journeys, Dress (2000) shows that personal experiences turn a function in individuality accomplishment. Indistinguishability accomplishment is a essential construct towards reason women’s perceptions of leading and reliable leaders (Zichy, 2000). Hence, the schoolbook contributes greatly to possibility ontogenesis and provides a fabric for supporting and preparation next women leadership.

Compendious of the Textbook Arguments and Grandness

Dress (2000) uses personal living journeys of ogdoad distaff leadership to psychoanalyse the environmental factors and personality traits that surrogate leaders growth. She too analyses the sociological, philosophic, and psychological constructs of women leadership and the ontogenesis of leader personality. Therein way, she portrays leaders as a appendage that goes handwriting in manus with full-grown exploitation. Her advance is authoritative for institutions that aim to advance women employees to assay leaders positions.

Summational Valuation of the Textbook

The textbook is a full interpret, especially for students and employees. The personal journeys of the women in high-pitched administrative positions can cheer and actuate women to essay leading roles. Too, the kinship ‘tween personal journeys and the maturation of leading image provides a new view of examining leaders that goes bey the traditional attack.


Groom, B. (2000). Womanhood in exponent: footpath to leading in training . New York, NY: Teacher’s College, Columbia University.

Fletcher, K. (2001). Disappearance Acts: Sexuality, Mightiness, and Relational Drill at Ferment . New York: MIT Jam.

Helgesen, S. (1995). The Distaff Vantage: Women’s Shipway of Leaders. New York: Doubleday Up-to-dateness.


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Regan, B., & Brooks, G. (1995). Out of Women’s Receive: Creating Relational Leaders. M Oaks, CA: Corwin .

Zichy, S. (2000). Women and the Leading Q: Revelation the Quartet Paths to Shape And Superpower. London: McGraw-Hill.

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